Crippled Symmetry, Part 1,HDV/Color/6m/Sound/2009

This project is inspired by my experience and memory of the concert 'Crippled Symmetry' of Morton Feldman. It is a series of films about unpredictable variables in our life. We are making plans for the future as we could predict it, but life flows in unexpected ways and in the end we always have to improvise. The plan as the ideal and variables as the real, they relate to each other in a way of crippled symmetry.

This is the first work of 'Crippled Symmetry’ series. I accidentally encountered the crippled symmetry moments between different things in a church; physical and metaphysical weight, noisy and meditative sound, technological and religious power. These contradictory things are representing asymmetrically in this video.

For the second film I am planning to reconstruct the day when I went to this concert. In the story of the film I am making a plan for a day. However, I did not succeed to be in the concert hall because I was late 10 minutes. From this point my plan is modified and somehow more meaningful with additional variables. In this film I will represent this day that I was contemplating my crippled symmetry and unexpected variables in ones life. It will be a self-reflective experimental film.