Nederlandsche Cocaine Plant Project
Mixed media/2011-2012

In the early 1900s, the Nederlandsche Cocaine Fabriek in Amsterdam was the biggest cocaine manufacturer in the world. However, the old building of the factory does not exist anymore. In its place nowadays stands a newly designed flat with labyrinthic and mysterious structure. Furthermore, there is no any sign referring to the former existence of the Nederlandsche Cocaine Fabriek.

There is further mystery; the house numbers of this historic site are completely mixed up.The official address of Nederlandsche Cocaine Fabriek was "Eerste Schinkelstraat 30". The address of the new block is nowadays "Eerste Schinkelstraat 40". While the number 30 is somehow not marked at all - there is a strange gap between street numbers 24 and 40. Therefore, anyone looking for the historic place and traces of former existence of the factory may be very confused.

I refer to the confusion of the present location and linked my interventions with the layers of the erased history in this project. To do this, I installed re-designed sign of the Nederlandsche Cocaine Fabriek, a large-size quilt, a coca plant and re-edited posters for advertisement of confusing coca products in early 1900s. These elements were playfully positioned in the real and fake place of the history.

After exhibition of ‘Nederlandsche Cocaine Plant Project’ as a site-specific public art, all of the works was preserved and represented together with a video. The video is an experimental moving image that further expands the first part of the project. Hereby the real vestige of the history co-exists with my recreated history of the building. The video interplays between visual and sound recordings combining different times with real and fake documents. Finally, with this project I attempt an intervention which will not just remind of but also further re-edit history of the Nederlandsche Cocaine Fabriek’